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Professional Bed Bug Removal Treatments in Greater Tulsa

Bed bugs, two words that give anyone “the creeps”. These parasitic pests can infest any home or property regardless of how clean or orderly it is. They are incredibly hitchhikers and can be incredibly difficult to prevent from multiplying. If they are left untreated, a small colony can rapidly turn into a major problem, so it is critical to eliminate them as soon as possible!

Bed Bug Inspections

If you are seeing bed bugs throughout your home or business property, it is a good measure to have an inspection to confirm any suspicions prior to moving forward with a bud bug treatment or extermination. Since bed bugs can be mistaken for other species and are great at hiding, it can be rather difficult to differentiate them from others.

At Mid America Pest Control, we provide free bed bug inspections to residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are highly-trained and knowledgable to seek out even very subtle signs of bed bug activity that most would miss.

Bed Bug Eradication & Exterminating Services

If an infestation is discovered, we offer two comprehensive solutions to handle your bed bug problem.

Chemical – Prior to the treatment, we’ll provide you with an informational prep sheet with instructions on what you need to know and how to prepare your home or business property for the application. The chemical application process takes approximately six hours to apply and are very effective at eliminating bed bugs in all stages of their development.

Organic Fungal Spores – If you prefer a non-chemical route, you may choose to have your home treated with organic fungal spores. This product is applied in similarly to our chemical options. Bed bugs will walk right through the spores and transfer it to other bed bugs eventually eliminating the entire population.

Note: Bed bug removal and prevention services are included in our residential pest control plans.

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