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Fall Tips For Mice Prevention In Oklahoma

September 17, 2019

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As summer comes to an end and we move into pumpkin spice season, you may be tempted to believe your pest problems are at an end. As the weather cools down, bugs like mosquitoes and flies become less common, and you may feel safer spending time outdoors without bug spray and a fly swatter. However, while your interactions with outdoor pests may go down, you may have more worries when it comes to indoor pests. Mice are one of the most common fall pests. Read on to find out why they come into homes and how you can keep them out.

When Do Mice Usually Come into Homes?

Mice enter homes in search of shelter and food. You’re most likely to have mice in your home during the fall and winter because they are seeking shelter. Mice don’t like very cold temperatures, so as the weather shifts, they begin looking for a warm place to wait out the winter. Once mice get inside, they’ll look for a secluded corner of a house to make their nest. This is often in an attic or basement where they are less likely to be disturbed. They aren’t afraid to brush paths, though, and will explore your home at night in search of food. 


Problems Mice Can Cause

Mice can cause problems in your house and to your family. They have a tendency to gnaw on wooden structures and to destroy furniture, bedding, and other fabric in order to build a nest. They may chew on wires or cables, causing electrical problems and even presenting the risk of fire. Mice can also be dangerous as they are the carriers of many diseases such as plagues, fevers, and even diseases such as hepatitis and typhus. When they come through your kitchen or get into your pantry, they may be transmitting these diseases to you and your family by contaminating food and cooking surfaces.

Tips for Mice Prevention

In order to keep mice out of your Oklahoma house, you need to block any and all entry points. Start by making sure your doors and windows are kept closed or protected by a screen. Check the exterior of your home for any cracks or holes, which will be easy entrances for mice. You can also prevent mice by making it hard for them to find a good place to nest. If you have storage areas in an attic or basement, keeping them clean and organized can help prevent mice. Mice can easily make a nest in a cluttered and unoccupied room, but they are less likely to stick around if your belongings are neatly stored and difficult to access. The same goes for food. A clean kitchen with proper storage units is uninviting to mice, who want easy access to grains and cereals in your kitchen.

Where Mid America Pest Control Comes In

Ultimately, mice can get inside a home through the tiniest of spaces, and they can make nests in the cleanest of rooms. If you do find mice in your home, call Mid America Pest Control for help in getting them out. Mid America will work with you to determine possible entry points. We’ll eliminate the mice infestation thoroughly, safely, and humanely so that you can go back to enjoying pumpkin spice lattes without wondering if mice are chewing cables or leaving diseases in your home. Mid America has you covered!

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