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Four Simple Yet Effective Ant Prevention Tips For Pryor Homes 

June 15, 2021

Ants are some of the most common household invaders; they may also be the most annoying to deal with. If you see one or two ants inside your Pryor, Oklahoma home, chances are there are hundreds more. Although most ant species are not necessarily dangerous, they are a nuisance and can cause you stress, time, and money.

fire ants outside an oklahoma home

Nuisance VS. Dangerous Ants

Ants can be split into two categories, nuisance ants and dangerous ants. The most common dangerous ant species is fire ants. Although fire ants are small, they are aggressive and will usually attack in large groups. The last thing you want to do is disturb a fire ant nest.
Although odorous house ants can cause significant problems for Pryor homeowners, they are not necessarily dangerous. Odorous house ants fall under the nuisance category, meaning they do not pose health concerns to people. They produce an unpleasant smell when crushed.
Other ants you may encounter in the area are:

  • Pavement Ants are the ants you usually see on sidewalks and driveways; they displace the soil around concrete areas to build their tunnels. 
  • Pharaoh ants are attracted to sugary foods and usually try to build their nests in pantries and cabinets. They are known to spread dysentery and salmonellae.
  • Carpenter ants; there are many different types of carpenter ants in the United States. They range in color from black, yellow, and red. Carpenter ants are often confused for termites and can give painful bites.
  • Field Ants live in open grassy areas. Because of their large size, they are often mistaken for carpenter ants.

No matter the ant, nuisance or dangerous, almost all are hard to get out once they are in your home. Because of this, prevention is key.

Ants And Your Home

You might be wondering why ants try to come into your home when they can find everything they need outside. The answer is simple; what you have inside your home is better. They are attracted to a property in search of food, water, and shelter. You can do four things to reduce and even eliminate the factors that attract ants to your property.

  • Seal up potential entry points- check around doors and windows to ensure they close properly, make sure all screens are intact, and install weather stripping and door sweeps. Fix any holes and cracks in the foundation and walls.

  • Clear yard debris and keep your yard organized- remove leaf piles and excess vegetation, and keep grass maintained. If you have fruit trees, make sure to clean up any fallen fruit, and place gardens and woodpiles away from your home. 

  • Keep garbage properly stored- make sure trash cans have a tight-fitting lid, and secure compost piles. In the same vein, don’t leave food scraps and spilled drinks out for ants to get to.

  • Create barriers- use stone and pavers to create a barrier of at least 12-18 inches between your foundation and any grass or mulch.

Even though prevention is the best form of insect control, sometimes it is not enough. If you find you need extra protection or even infestation management, you should turn to pest professionals for help.

Professional Assistance For Ants

When it comes to an ant infestation, it is best to turn to professionals for help. In Pryor, Oklahoma, you can contact the professionals at Mid American Pest Control for assistance. With three different protection plans to choose from, we guarantee a plan that works for you. Don’t wait. Contact Mid American Pest Control and schedule an inspection.

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