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Help! Why Do I Have So Many Weeds In My Pryor, OK Yard?

October 15, 2021

You mow the lawn, you trim the hedges, you plant flowers, but the appearance of a few greedy weeds suddenly spoils all the hard work you put into maintaining your yard. Getting rid of weeds can be a pain, but knowing why you have so many weeds in your Pryor yard can save you from those hours of exhausting landscaping. 

crab grass weeds in a green lawn

Types Of Weeds In Pryor

There are dozens of common weeds to infest properties in Oklahoma. While they may differ in size and shape, they all share one thing in common: they are bad news for your lawn. Some of the most typical weeds found on Pryor properties include:

  • Carpetweed – This broadleaf weed earns its name from the carpet-like mat it creates, with each plant able to spread up to two feet in diameter. Carpetweed is often unfazed by mowing because it grows so close to the ground.

  • Crabgrass – Crabgrass is an annual weed common in the summer. This weed grows many stems in a tight clump, resembling the legs of a crab. Unlike perennial turf grasses, crabgrass will die after one year, leaving a patch of unsightly brown grass behind.

  • Dandelion – They might seem like innocent flowers, but dandelions can be devastating for your lawn. They can grow in various conditions and can be recognized for their long stalks, serrated leaves, and yellow petals. 

Problems That Weeds Cause

Weeds compete for the resources that your lawn needs, and often, the weeds win the battle. This competition results in discoloration, withering, and abnormal growth in your lawn or other plants. Weeds can rob vital nutrients from the soil that your lawn depends on. When plants are deprived of nitrogen and other essential chemicals, they are more vulnerable to insect damage and disease.

Weeds also take up valuable space in your yard, keeping your plants from growing to their full potential. They can keep neighboring vegetation from receiving enough water and sunlight. And in certain cases, weeds may trigger allergies in certain individuals, making daily life difficult.

Most of all, weeds are frustrating to deal with. It’s difficult to prevent weeds because of the time and effort it takes to properly maintain your yard and the rapid rate at which weeds can spread their seeds and grow. Patchy or thinning grass, lack of water, and compacted soil are all key reasons you may have weeds.

How To Prevent Weeds

Addressing the conditions that lead to weed growth is exactly how to prevent future weeds from developing. Some easy ways you can prevent weeds from growing on your Pryor property are:

  • Fertilize frequently – But not too frequently! Make sure your lawn has the nutrition it needs to grow strong by fertilizing it when necessary. Look for a fertilizer with controlled-release nitrogen and follow the directions on the package for best results.

  • Deep watering – Rather than multiple light waterings, give your lawn one good deep soak per week. About one inch of water is a good rule of thumb. You can use a can or jar to measure the amount of water.

  • Loosen soil – If the soil in your yard is compacted, try loosening it by using an aerator or incorporating compost or peat moss in smaller areas. You can also try introducing earthworms to help loosen the soil.

If you’re having trouble with weeds on your Pryor property, get in touch with the experts at Mid America Pest Control. With our seasonal lawn care services, you’ll get complete relief from those annoying weeds invading your lawn and garden. Contact us today to learn more!

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