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How Did These Mice Get Into My Pryor Home?

February 15, 2021

Did you know that mice are one of the most common home-invading pests in Pryor, Oklahoma and the entire United States? Rodents are an extremely widespread mammal, and mice are particularly prevalent because they can reproduce so quickly and are accustomed to living near humans. The common house mouse has a dependent relationship with humans which makes our homes a great place for them to live.

rodent infestation in a kitchen pantry

However, while mice are often around, they aren’t just a nuisance pest. The common house mouse is both dangerous and destructive. They cause many major concerns for homeowners including property damage. The health risks of a mouse infestation include diseases such as hantavirus as well as respiratory problems.

In order to keep these rodents out of your home, we’ve provided a guide on how to identify mice, understand what attracts them to a home, and prevent them.

Characteristics Of The Common House Mouse

Many homeowners aren’t sure how to tell mice apart from rats because they do have many similarities. While mice are much smaller than rats at only about 2-4 inches long, baby rats are commonly mistaken for mice. Both mice and the Norway rat are a brown-grey color making it even harder to know which is which.

However, you can look for a few main features to tell them apart. The common house mouse has a long tail and large ears in proportion to their bodies, and they also have more pointed triangular faces. Rats, on the other hand, have short, scaly tails, smaller ears, and blunter faces.

How Do Mice Get Into A Home?

The three main factors that attract mice are food, water, and shelter. The common house mouse can get all of their basic needs met around your home once they get inside, so having improper food storage, excess humidity, and access to getting inside your home makes your property appealing to these rodents.

It can be difficult to prevent mice from getting inside because they can squeeze through holes the size of a dime, and they can also chew through many materials. Their ability to gnaw through plastic, drywall, pipes and even wood means they can create spaces to slip through.

How To Prevent Mice

While mice are not an easy pest to keep off of your property, you can still reduce the risk of infestation by removing the elements that attract them. The overall best way to keep rodents out of your home, including mice, is by following these tips:

  • Make it harder for mice to come inside and find shelter by fixing holes in the walls and foundation with steel wool and wire mesh. These are materials that mice can’t chew through.
  • Keep kitchens cleaned and store people and pet food in airtight containers. This will make it harder for mice to smell and find food. Also, practice good sanitation by removing trash from around the property and placing lids on all garbage cans.
  • Reduce humidity around your house by using dehumidifiers, fixing leaky pipes and faucets, and ensuring good ventilation especially in attics and basements.

Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Remove Mice On Your Own

You might think it’s simple and affordable to try to remove mice infestations on your own, but this is not the case. Common DIY mouse removal methods such as traps and bait only eliminate a few mice, but they hardly ever get the entire infestation. Plus, many bait products are dangerous for children and pets.

Instead of trying to deal with these harmful pests on your own, contact the experts at Mid America Pest Control for complete mouse prevention and removal. We are locally owned and operated, and we even provide free inspections. Don’t let these disease-filled rodents put your family’s health at risk, give us a call today to request your inspection for residential pest control.

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