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Simple Yet Effective Cockroach Control Tips For Tulsa Property Owners

November 13, 2020

How do you keep your home free of cockroaches? These dirty pests can cause big problems if left unchecked. Luckily, there are some steps you can take toward effective cockroach control. With help from the professionals at Mid America Pest Control, you can take your Tulsa home back from the roaches in no time.

an american cockroach crawling on food

Dangerous Cockroaches

Cockroaches may be frightening or upsetting, but are they dangerous? After all, they don’t bite or sting humans. However, cockroaches are a big deal. Cockroaches are omnivores and will eat just about anything—including other cockroaches! They love decaying materials and often spend time around garbage cans, fecal matter, and organic waste.
While feeding in these places, cockroaches pick up dangerous diseases and pathogens which they may then carry into your home. They can contaminate cooking surfaces and food items. Cockroaches have also been known to worsen the symptoms of asthma and cause allergic reactions in some people. When it comes to cockroaches, prevention is key. It’s dangerous to ignore an infestation and risk the possibility of infection.

Eleven Best Cockroach Prevention Tips

Ready to start focusing on cockroach prevention? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Declutter: Cockroaches love mess since it gives them places to hide. By organizing storage areas and keeping the floor clear, you’ll make it harder for roaches to camp out in your home.

  • Address Moisture Problems: Cockroaches also love humidity. They seek out damp areas like under sinks, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. Use a dehumidifier to lower the moisture in these areas and make sure your home is properly ventilated.

  • Store Food In Containers: Containers should be made of hard material such as plastic or glass. By focusing on proper food storage, you make it harder for cockroaches to get into the food in your pantry, which makes them less likely to stick around.

  • Store Trash Properly:  Like food, Trash is a big attracting factor for cockroaches so make sure your garbage is stored and covered in airtight containers. Clean the area around your garbage bin frequently and thoroughly.

  • Clean The Kitchen: One of the main reasons cockroaches come into a house is because they find a feast in the kitchen every night. Sweep up crumbs, wipe up spills, clean under appliances, and wash all dishes before going to bed.

  • Check Boxes And Items Brought Inside: Cockroaches often hide in boxes outside and are then carried into the house. If you’re bringing in an item that has been outside for a while or one you may have just purchased,  make sure to check for cockroaches looking to hitch a ride.

  • Clear Your Yard Of Debris: Often, cockroaches start by hiding out in the yard. If they find organic trash and plenty of places to hide outside, they’re likely to also find their way inside.

  • Seal Holes:  Cockroaches can get in through even the smallest holes, so repair any entrance points along the exterior of your home with caulking or steel wool.

  • Install New Screens:  Replace or repair screens with any tears or holes. Screens over windows and doors will help keep cockroaches out, as will keeping doors closed when not in use.

  • Install Door Sweeps And Vent Covers: Installing these extra covers will make it more difficult for cockroaches to get into your home in the first place.

Invest In Ongoing Professional Pest Control. Despite your best efforts, sometimes an attractant factor or entrance point gets missed. With professional help from Mid America Pest Control, we’ll have your back. We’ll look for environmental changes and preventative measures you can take before cockroaches ever get inside.

Cockroaches In The Home

If cockroaches have taken control inside your home, it’s time to call the experts Mid America Pest Control. We know how to save your home from cockroach infestations. Our treatment is personalized to your home and ensures long-term results. Stop worrying about the dangers of cockroaches when you have help from Mid America Pest Control.

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