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The Worst Termite Control Advice A Tulsa Homeowner Could Hear

May 18, 2020

Folks are desperate to get rid of termites, and it’s totally understandable. These wood-eating insects can severely damage a home, business, or piece of furniture. They can do it fast, too. Each year, Americans spend a collective $5 billion trying to prevent and eliminate termites. Part of the reason the amount is so high is because of “do-it-yourself” methods that don't work. People undergo a lot of trial and error with useless “tips” they find on the internet. The bottom line is that the professional services of Mid America Pest Control are a must when it comes to termite elimination and control. Learn what we offer and real deal ways to stop termites in Tulsa.

a colony of termites destroying wood

What Are The Facts About How Termites Look & Behave? 

Termites are often described as “white ants” because of their size and features. In most colonies, there are three classes: workers, soldiers and swarmers. Workers are about ⅛ of an inch long and are white or grayish-white. Soldiers are a little larger and have yellowish-brown heads. They also have distinct, defensive jaws. Swarmers are ½ an inch long, are winged, and vary in color. They can be brown, yellow, or black. (Reproduction is their focus.) When a nest reaches capacity, they’ll leave to mate and start new colonies. This typically takes place during the spring. If you see swarmers, an infestation is likely underway. Other signs are:

  • Off-colored or droopy drywall

  • Tiny holes in walls

  • Floor tiles and boards that are loose or giving way

  • Peeling or frothy paint that looks water-damaged 

  • Fecal debris piles that resemble salt and pepper

  • Hollow or damaged wood

  • Maze patterns and inside walls

  • Mud tubes on foundation walls

  • Dropped swarmer wings

What DIY Termite Methods Don’t Work? How Can Termites Be Prevented?

Common suggestions for “do-it-yourself” termite extermination include applying orange oil, vinegar, sunlight, boric acid, and over-the-counter sprays, liquids, baits, and other products. The rationale behind using these things is that their ingredients can repel or kill termites. This is true, but only to a limited extent. There are many kinds of these bugs, and they respond differently to treatments. Accurate species identification is vital, and the average Tulsa resident doesn’t have the necessary expertise to do this on their own.

Most retail items contain pesticides that are either too strong or too weak. Those of the “too strong” variety could harm you, your loved ones, or your pets. Additionally, the instructions can be hard to understand. This usually leads to improper utilization. 

Last, but not least, the majority of these goods “spot” treat. They might solve the problem on the surface or in a certain area, but they don’t “deep clean.” You need something that’s going to wipe out every termite.

Some effective preventive actions are:

  • Repair or replace any ruined wood.

  • Fix leaks; especially those that are causing wood to be damp. 

  • Keep loose wood off of soil (ex. carpentry panels).

  • Seal gaps in utility lines, walls, and foundations.

  • Have greenery and free wood several feet from your property.

How Does Mid America Pest Control Get Rid Of Termites?

Termites are good at hiding while they destroy your property. Don’t let their damage sneak up on you, or cause you to waste money on DIY efforts. Reach out to Mid America Pest Control instead. Our Advance Termite Bait System consists of a product these bugs find more attractive than foundation wood. They take it back to their nests and it poisons the whole colony. We also have injectable liquids by Termidor®, that will have the same effect.

If you’re preparing to buy or sell a home, we provide Wood-Destroying Insect Reports (WDIR). With these, you’ll have valuable information about any wood-eating insect or organism activity.

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