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Tulsa's Mini Guide To Mice Prevention 

February 17, 2020

There is a fine line between feral and friendly. It is what sets apart wild dingoes, from loyal dog companions, lap cats from mountain lions, and pet mice from the tiny hairy nuisances chewing holes through your walls. We are reaching the end of winter here in Tulsa, and mice infestations are just as common as ever. If your home has not already fallen siege to hungry, problem causing mice, today is the day to take action to prevent them from invading. To help you do this, we have put together a comprehensive mini guide to mice prevention. We hope this helps.

house mouse crawling on furniture

How To Identify Mice

You have probably seen a mouse once or twice in your lifetime, maybe at the pet store, at a friend's house, or scurrying across your kitchen floor late at night. You also probably know that mice can come in a variety of colors ranging from white, to brown, to tan, to black, or any combination in between. 
The question is, how can you identify mice in your home without seeing them? If you didn't know, mice prefer to stay hidden and out of view when inside homes. The only time they come out willingly is late at night or when their living space becomes too crowded. Because of this, it is good to know what signs they leave behind so you can know they are around without having to see them. Here are some signs we recommend keeping your eyes and ears open for.

  • Scurrying sounds within sealing and wall voids late at night

  • Holes chewed through baseboards

  • Holes in boxed foods like cereal

  • Gnaw marks on the legs of furniture

  • Lights and outlets mysteriously not working

  • Torn up fabrics, insulation, and paper-based products

  • Small pellets of fecal matter in the backs of drawers and around food storage areas

  • The smell of urine in the air

Why Mice Are Considered One Of The Most Dangerous Pests

You read the title to this section, right. Mice are one of the most dangerous pests around, partly due to the number of diseases and parasites they can carry and transmit, but also because they are prolific breeders. To be more specific, mice are vectors for salmonellosis, hantavirus, and even the plague. When inside homes, they spread these diseases, and ones like them across food preparation and eating surfaces and around places you and your family interact daily, putting everyone in your home at risk. Also, mice are common hosts for fleas and ticks, two other pests with their own laundry lists of transmittable diseases.

Tips To Keep Mice Out Of Your Home

To keep mice out of your home, you are going to have to do two things; block entry points they can use to get inside and reduce attractants that might draw them to your property in the first place. Here are some practical ways you can do these two things.

  • Invest in a caulking gun and some wire mesh. Use these items to seal gaps and cracks in your home's foundation, spacing around window and door frames, and openings around utility piping.

  • Eliminate and reduce clutter and debris from your yard.

  • Trim back tree branches and bushes away from the exterior walls of your home.

  • Make sure your indoor and outdoor trash cans have tight-fitting lids.

  • Clean regularly inside and try to limit food to the kitchen and dining room.

  • Store any leftover food inside an airtight glass, plastic, or metal container.

  • Fix leaks around your home and eliminate sources of water build-up.

How To Get Rid Of Mice If They Get Inside

There are many products you can buy to reduce mice populations in your home. With smaller infestations, traps and bait may solve the issue. With larger infestations, however, store-bought products will just not cut it. On top of this, DIY requires you to handle rodents, which, as we mentioned earlier, is not the best idea. For these two reasons, we recommend giving us a call here at Mid America Pest Control. We have the experience to quickly and effectively eliminate mice from your home.
Don't wait to find your freedom from mice; let us help you today!

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