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Why Pryor, OK Residents Cannot Kill Bed Bugs On Their Own

December 16, 2019

Did you know that at this very moment thousands of Americans are dealing with bed bugs but don’t even know it? As invasive pests go, bed bugs are amongst the sneakiest. They are able to avoid us during the day and then quietly feed on us at night. Bed bugs are as elusive as they come. The good news is, their infestations are not entirely impossible to spot. Today we will be teaching you how to identify a bed bug infestation, and explaining why it is usually impossible to kill them on your own.

a bed bug infestation in a prior texas home

How To Identify A Bed Bug Infestation

With most bed bug infestations, you can strip and overturn your bed and not find a single live bug. This is because bed bugs are extremely good at hiding when you are awake. What you can do to identify a bed bug infestation is look for the signs they leave behind.
One sign they leave behind is bloodstains. After feeding, a bed bug often dribbles some of the blood consumed. This dribbling leaves distinct stains on bed linens.
Another sign you can look for is bed bug excrement. Most often these tiny blackish-red dots can be found in the seams along mattresses and around areas of the room where bed bugs frequently travel such as along baseboards or around cracks.
The most common and early sign of a bed bug infestation is bed bug bites. Appearing on the skin, multiple in a row, in a straight line or zig-zag pattern, these small red, itchy, raised bumps can be a good indicator that your Pryor home has bed bugs.
It is good to mention that excessive itching of these bites can lead to infections that may require medical attention. If you are finding bites like these on your body, avoid the urge to scratch and you should be just fine.

How Bed Bugs Feed

One common misconception when it comes to bed bugs is that they are nocturnal. The truth is, they sleep when we are awake. If you work a night shift and sleep during the day, bed bugs will adapt to fit your schedule. Once you have gone to sleep, they will emerge from their hiding spots and feed, biting on your skin to draw blood. Over time, this feeding can lead to some health problems such as anemia. This usually only occurs when a bed bug infestation becomes severe and you are being fed on by many bed bugs.

Why It’s Impossible To Kill Bed Bugs Alone

As pests go, bed bugs are as resilient as they come. Able to survive many pest control products and stay hidden from ones that do work for weeks at a time, bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to get out of homes. Their resistance to pesticides dates back over 50 years ago where a product called DDT almost wiped them out. This threat pushed bed bugs to adapt, growing tolerances to many pest control methods. Nowadays, bed bugs are often a problem only professionals can solve.

How Mid American Can Get Rid Of Your Bed Bugs

Here at Mid American Pest Control, we have studied bed bugs and we know what methods and treatments work to get them out of homes. With our team, we can ensure that your home gets bed bug-free. We even have an organic option for dealing with bed bugs if that is what you are looking for.
However big your infestation is, we are confident that we have the tools for the job. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection or bed bug control services for your Pryor, OK home.

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