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Reliable Pest Control To Meet Your Business’s Unique Needs

Just as no two businesses are exactly alike, no two businesses’ pest control needs are exactly alike, either. And here at Mid America Pest Control, we understand this. That's why we provide customized commercial pest control options to meet your business's unique pest control needs. Locally-owned, OSHA certified, and committed to providing you with reliable and professional service, the team here at Mid America wants to partner with you to help keep your business free of pests and the many problems they cause!

Our Commercial Pest Control Process

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Whether you need year-round pest protection or have a one-time pest control need, Mid America Pest Control can help. We offer monthly or quarterly general pest control services for cockroaches, spiders, ants, and wasps. We also offer one-time treatments for pests such as bed bugs, fleas, termites, and more.

Here are a few steps involved in our commercial pest control process:

  • Inspection. Before we determine which treatment methods to use, we need to get to know your facility and the unique pest pressures you're dealing with. One of our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your property, noting current pest infestations as well as weaknesses that could lead to future infestations. Upon completion of this inspection, we'll suggest several pest control options and provide quotes for these options.

  • Treatment. Once you've decided on a treatment plan, we’ll put it into place. We’ll start with an initial service visit to treat your property. If monthly or quarterly service visits are part of your plan, we'll schedule those as well.

  • Follow-Up. Your next service visit will be your first follow-up visit. During this visit, we'll apply any treatments necessary and ensure that your business is completely pest-free. However, if you experience a recurrence of your pest problem in between our regularly scheduled visits, we'll come back to your property and re-treat for those pests, free of charge. In addition, if you have a one-time treatment and experience a pest recurrence within 30 days of the initial visit, we'll return to re-treat at no additional charge!

Facilities We Service

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Apartment Complexes

Keeping your tenants happy is important when you’re a landlord. And one way to accomplish this is to invest in professional pest control! At Mid America, we specialize in keeping apartment complexes pest-free through regularly scheduled pest control treatments.

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Hospitals & Rehabilitation Centers

Healthcare facilities require a high degree of cleanliness that pests can destroy in no time at all. But with the pest control experts at Mid America Pest Control on your side, you can rest assured that your facility will remain free of contaminating and disease-spreading pests.

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Summer Living Homes

Whether you’re in the property management business or you live in your Oklahoma home for only part of the year, you'll want to keep your property pest-free no matter the season. And at Mid America, we can make that happen. For quality pest control, partner with us!

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Office Buildings

Providing a sanitary and pest-free work environment is an important part of running an office building. But when pests invade, they threaten that. To avoid pest infestations in your office building, invest in professional pest protection for your business.

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Pest problems are extremely problematic to business, especially restaurants and foodservice facilities. To keep cockroaches, rodents, and other business-invading pests out of your restaurant, partner with the local Oklahoma pest control experts at Mid America Pest Control!

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When pests find their way inside warehouses, they can cause a wide variety of problems including contaminating and destroying your inventory. At Mid America, we specialize in keeping apartment complexes pest-free through customized pest control services.

Why Choose Us At Mid America Pest Control?

At Mid America Pest Control, we strive to provide exceptional customer service and offer a wide variety of customized services to meet your every pest control need.

Some other reasons to choose us as your commercial pest control provider include:

  • Professional and reliable services

  • Free commercial inspections

  • Customized service to meet your specific needs

  • One-time and ongoing treatment options

  • Re-treatments if necessary, free of charge

  • Locally-owned-and-operated

  • Family-operated

  • Honesty and integrity

  • OSHA certified

  • Member of the Tulsa Apartment Association

  • Home Advisor award winners

We Care About Your Business!

At Mid America, we know how important the success of your business is to you. We are a locally-owned, family-run company and understand the pressures that business owners face. Let us relieve the pressure that pests add to your already full plate. Our goal is always to provide professional and reliable service to our customers. Here at Mid America Pest Control, we offer local, customized commercial pest control services that you can trust. For the highest quality pest control for your business, reach out to us today!


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