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Learn the specifics on ants found in Oklahoma.

What Are Ants?

Ants are social insects that thrive together in large groups. They vary in color and size depending on their exact species. They can be yellow, red, brown or black, and sometimes are combinations of multiple colors. All ants have three distinct body parts: a head, thorax and abdomen. They also feature a pair of bent antennae. The only reproductive members of the colony are winged.

Ants are one of the top invaders to our homes and businesses throughout Oklahoma. Two species in particular cause a lot of issues – odorous house ants and fire ants.

Odorous House Ants 
Odorous house ants are a small species of ant that produces an unpleasant smell. When odorous house ants are crushed they leave behind an absolutely terrible smell resembling a rotten coconut.

Fire Ants
Fire ants are very small but incredibly aggressive. As a colossal team they will bite and sting anything they deem as a threat.

Are Ants Dangerous?

Ants are segmented into two categories: annoyance or dangerous. Annoyance ants are just that, a nuisance to deal with and get rid of, but they do not have a significant health risk or danger to people. They do not cause structural damage either. Odorous house ants are one example of these types.

Dangerous ants are species that pose risks to people, pets or property. Fire ants are one of these varieties. They will aggressively defend their nests and any perceived threats begin by grabbing the skin of their victim with their mandibles, then delivering painful stings repeatedly while injecting venom. This venom is strong enough to trigger a life-threatening anaphylaxis, especially if under attack by a large group of fire ants.


Why Am I Experiencing An Invasion of Ants?

You will find ants living throughout properties that provide them with their necessities: water, food and shelter. Areas such as clogged gutters, leaky outdoor fixtures, unsecured garbage, gardens, wood piles, animal feed, compost piles and outdoor eating areas will attract ants. They can also become problematic inside your home or business if they make their way inside in search of food, or if the weather outside has become unsuitable for them to live comfortably.

Where Will I Find Ants?

Ants living on residential or commercial properties and are often seen near decks, driveways, walkways and in landscaping while foraging for food.

Outdoor nesting spots include:

Fire ants will build their nests in wide open, full-sun locations (your lawn) and stay away from the wooded, more shady areas. They prefer being outside and are rarely found inside homes. Odorous house ants nest inside near sources of moisture such as behind walls that are adjacent to hot water pipes, or under floors that are located in bathrooms or kitchens.

How Do I Get Rid of Ants?

There are ant killer products available for purchase from your local hardware store or big box retailer, but the easiest way to control existing populations and prevent future infestations is with the help of a qualified professional. At Mid America Pest Control, our dependable technicians provide the year-round services to rid your home and property of ants. We are committed to using innovative and eco-friendly solutions to remove ants and other household-invading pests while preventing their return. To learn more about eliminating ants from your home or business throughout Greater Tulsa, reach out today to schedule your free 58-Point pest inspection.


How Can I Prevent Ants From Invading In The Future?

Hiring a professional team will be the best method of defense, but there are a few steps you can take to keep them away:

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